How Popular Brands Are Celebrating Christmas Day 2019

Christmas is a season of snow, gifts, decoration, food, and shopping. It is a festival that excites everyone, from kids to grown-ups. Christmas is celebrated every year on December 25th. It marks the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. It is one of the important festivals for big brands and companies to boost their sales. So, here is a list of popular brands, on how they celebrated Christmas in 2019.

1. Bigbasket Creative Post

BigBasket is one of the top brands for home-based and daily use products. This Christmas, BigBasket has given its customers a Christmas gift by providing a big sale on beauty products.

Christmas post 2019

2. Parle G

Parle G is the leading biscuit brand in India. Known for its classic biscuit, Parle G urged its customers to celebrate this Christmas by sharing a pack Parle G with your loved ones.

3. Samsung Christmas Post

Samsung is a world-renowned electronics brand, known for its mobile phones, tablets, Televisions, and more. In this creative post, Samsung has created a Christmas tree through its electronic items and wished its users a joyful Christmas.


4. Bookmyshow

BookMyShow is an online ticket booking platform known for its creative ads. BookMyShow has urged its customers to celebrate this Christmas by attending some entertaining events through the BookMyShow platform.

5.  Social Media Post of McDonald

McDonald’s is a popular fast-food brand, known for its delicious meals. This Christmas, McDonald’s is urging its customers to celebrate this festival in the nearest McDonalds with their friends and family, and enjoy its festive meals.

6. Dell India Christmas Post

Dell ranks among the leading laptop brands in the world. For this Christmas, Dell wants its customers to celebrate this festival of gifts by giving someone a Dell laptop as a present.

7. Cadbury Dairy Milk

A very popular and most-beloved chocolate brand is Cadbury Dairy Milk. Through this creative post, Cadbury Dairy Milk wants its customers to celebrate this Christmas by trying its new chocolate series called Lickables.

8.  Social Media Post Of Flipkart

Flipkart is India’s beloved shopping brand. Like all leading shopping platforms, Flipkart is urging its customers to celebrate this Christmas by giving someone a present through its website.

9. Pantaloons Creative Post

Pantaloons is a leading woman shopping brand known for its wide range of clothes. Pantaloons is urging its customers to buy new clothes for this Christmas and look special this festive season through pantaloons.

10. Domino’s Pizza India

Dominos is a worldwide known pizza delivery brand. Known for its quick delivery, Dominos is wishing its customers merry Christmas by giving them an of cheese and urging its customers’ appetite.

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