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Do you know? India is the second largest online market with 462 million internet users. It is because nowadays internet plans have become cheap in India. Internet plans available at cheap price gave more freedom to Indians to surf the internet as much as they want. The internet has become a new modern world for all the Indians. All the multinational companies and startups have started taking advantage of the online market by advertising their product and services on the internet. They have earned lakhs of rupees from the online market. Now you. must be thinking, how to do it in case of your business That is where SEO stand for your business to take it to next level.SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a digital marketing technique to bring the website to the top of organic search engine result page by following effective SEO strategy as per the guidelines of Google.

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Nestor Marketing, being the best SEO Company in Thane, forms an effective SEO strategy for your business by covering all the major aspects required to bring your website to the top. Major aspects involve relevant keywords, quality content, and user experience. In today’s world, Google is a dominant player in search engine market. Most of the people in the world search queries on Google. Google was answering 3.5 million search queries daily in 1999. Today, Google answers 2.7 billion queries within 1 second. So there is a wide scope for your business to appear on the top of search engine result page whenever any user types relevant query regarding your business. Therefore Google follows some guidelines to rank all the website on SERP(search engine result page). Now it’s your turn to form effective SEO strategy by one of the Best SEO Company in Thane & Navi Mumbai to rank the website of your business on the top.

Benefits of SEO For All Type Of Business

Establish local business as a branded one

India has 462 million active internet users from which 442 million internet users use mobile to access the internet. Price of smartphones is getting cheaper year by year which has enabled Indians to able to buy it. Cheap smartphones with cheap internet plans have made surfing internet easy in India. Increasing user activity on the internet gives you an opportunity to keep your business online on Google. Productive SEO strategy helps to reach all the users around the globe. The offline identity of your business is reachable only within the specific area. But with the help of efficient SEO strategy, online identity of your business is not only reachable to global users but also describes the high standard of your business. With help of one of the top SEO agency in Thane & Navi Mumbai, you can establish your local business as a branded one.

Increase Brand Visibility and Brand Awareness

Modernization of telecommunication network and technology infrastructure has invented a new way to access the internet anywhere and anytime. Mobile phones are the easiest way to access the internet nowadays. Mobile phones have generated 52.3% share of total websites traffic worldwide. Majority of them belongs to India and China.So using the internet has become handy and cheap in India. It becomes great opportunity to increase brand visibility and awareness by implementing successful SEO campaign. For example, if you run your business in Thane, with the help of the excellent SEO Company in Thane, you can increase your brand awareness in Mumbai also.

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Constant Attention and Conversions

When JIO had announced its service in September 2016, it was giving free internet access to all people in India with 4GB data per day till December. Then JIO extended its offer in thenew year 2017 till March with 1GB data per day. As a result, JIO has crossed 100 million subscriber mark in this year. Increasing internet users in India has given an opportunity to all business ventures to enter the online market. Therefore SEO strategy has become useful in India.A fruitful SEO strategy brings you to the top of search engine result page. When a user type relevant keyword for your business and your business consistently appear on the top as per that relevant keyword then your business will always get constant attention. Ultimately constant attention results in constant conversion because of the long-lasting visibility of your business on the top of search engine result page. Quality content and user experience will persuade consumers to buy your service or product.

Better ROI (Return on Investment)

A successful SEO campaign will give you better ROI free of cost. If in a week, 400 users visit your website and 1% gets converted then your conversion rate increases. For example, you run an interior design business. As per the latest data provided by Google, nearly 4000 people in Mumbai search for interior designers in Mumbai. Consider that at least 10% of them (400) has come for inquiry at your business either online or offline. 1% of 400 buys your interior design service which means you just got 4 leads.  It is possible only if they see your website on the top of SERP. So best SEO strategy gives you better ROI.

Competitive Edge

With increasing number of internet users in India, every business owner wants to establish his/her business in the minds of consumers as a branded one. Your competitor may use SEO strategy in business which can have the direct impact on your business performance. Therefore it is always advisable to implement SEO strategy whether your competitor implements it or not. Fruitful SEO strategy will give you the competitive edge over your competitors.

Ranking Page Authority Scores

How Does Search engine optimization work?

Effective SEO strategy is always implemented in step by step manner. Nestor Marketing, the SEO agency in Thane, believes in implementing SEO strategy in a more organized way. SEO campaign is divided into two process

  1. On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is a strategized technique to optimize the individual website in order to rank higher in search engine result page. On-page optimization includes techniques like keyword analysis, Meta tag description, URL structure, web speed, robot.txt, content writing etc. These activities are done to make website qualitative which provides the quality user experience.

  1. Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization refers to techniques implemented outside of the individual website with the intention to rank higher in search engine result page. Off-page optimization includes activities like image posting, video posting, directory submission, social bookmarking etc. These techniques bring traffic from other online sources.

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Nestor Marketing, the best SEO agency in Thane applies the professional approach to implementing SEO strategy. We ensure that you experience quality SEO service for your business.