SEM Agency In Thane

SEM Agency In Thane

In today’s world of internet, whenever we search anything on Google, we all have the natural tendency to click on first appearing websites on search engine result page. But are you aware of the fact that whatever sites appear on the top of search engine result page pay some amount to Google to show its website on the top? The term is called SEM. SEM means Search Engine Marketing. SEM is a paid form of online promotion of goods or services. Google gives more preference to those quality paid ads which appear on the top of search engine result page. SEM strategy gives you more flexibility in terms of consumer targeting, selection of multiple ads, selection of a region, consumer segmentation etc. The ad spend has grown by 23% over a year. As per the latest data, 65% of the people click on paid ads while purchasing product or service. 

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Therefore the conversion rate of paid search is higher than the conversion rate of organic search by 50%. Google has the major share in worldwide paid ads. Nestor Marketing, the SEM Company in Thane, ensures effective SEM strategy for your business. Nestor Marketing uses Google Adwords to form and implement successful SEM campaign for your business. Google Adwords is a professional search engine marketing tool which is customizable in terms of its features.

There is a term called PPC (pay per click) in SEM service which means you will pay only when a user clicks on your ad. With the help of Best SEM Company in Thane, it will help you in targeting consumers as per their demography, interest, online purchasing behavior, gender etc. In SEM service, you can choose competitive keywords as per your goal and budget.

Reasons Why You Should Go For SEM?

Increase in Brand Visibility

India, with 23.3% share in internet users in Asia, has an increasing population with increasing internet users. The major credit of increasing use internet in India goes to JIO. JIO has made the use of internet possible for all the working class of people in India with its cheap internet plans. With the modernization of mobile phones, the use of internet has become comfortable and ever growing. Nearly 52.3% of website traffic has been generated from mobile phones. As per the report from a business insider, Google drives 95% of all paid search ad clicks on mobile phones. Therefore effective SEM strategy leads to increase in brand visibility of your business. Google rank your website as per the quality score which ranges from 1 to 10 and maximum cost per click for your business ad.

Grabs the attention

Google always give more preference to qualitative paid ads. Therefore those ads which have a high-quality score and maximum CPC than its competitors always appears on the top. Paid ads appearing on the top always get first attention and clicks. Especially those paid ads which provides special offers to its users like a discount on its goods or services. Special offers grab the attention of the users very quickly. Therefore effective SEM strategy should include relevant keywords, relevant quality content and maximum CPC to get successful results. Effective SEM strategy for your business formed by one of the Best SEM agency in Thane will take your business to the next level.


In SEM strategy, you can customize your ad campaign in terms of its budget, bidding, keywords, consumer targeting, location targeting, Ad copies etc. You can run more than 2 ads at a time for 2 different services or product. To customize SEM campaign as per your requirement, you need to take SEM service by one of the best SEM agency in Thane with whom communication and consultation are easy and comfortable.

Quality Traffic

While forming SEM strategy, you have to be very sure about the clients you want to sell your product or service. Google Adwords gives you the flexibility to choose your consumers as per their interest, buying behavior, demographic information. So effective SEM strategy ensures targeting of potential consumers.


SEM gives the result from day 1 itself. SEM provides results like quality score, total conversions, total impressions, total clicks etc. A measurable result from Google Adwords gives more idea about future plan of SEM strategy so that it is easier to make the changes if the desired result has not been achieved.

Easy and Quick to Implement

It is easy to implement SEM strategy step by step. The procedure becomes easy once you know your potential consumers and your goal. A set goal gives you a clear idea about targeting relevant keywords, budget, and targeting right consumers as per their demographic information, interest, buying behavior etc.

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Short-Term Strategy

As an Indian, you must be aware of the big billion sale offer by Flipkart before Diwali. It lasts for around 5 to 6 days. Flipkart aggressively runs its paid ads during such short term of period. As results for the query appear on the top in case of paid ads, you can implement SEM strategy for short-term and get the results from day 1 itself. You should consult with one of the best SEM agency in Thane to run your paid ads for short term period.

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Nestor Marketing, the SEM Company in Thane, follows a standard practice in providing SEM service to its clients. We will shape your business in a profitable way.